As most people are now aware, health and safety when operating drone technology has never been more important. Knowing where you are legally allowed to operate is essential. If needed, our drone pilots can provide all documents needed for any size job in any location.

We're fully qualified with the CAA and registered on the Drone Safety Register. This means when you work with us you know that you are getting safe, qualified and reliable drone services.


We're based in Kempston, Bedfordshire and operate throughout all of the UK. This allows us to work with companies and local councils all across the country with ease.

Airscope Aerial Filming and Photography operates some of the best drones on the market. The aerial footage that is captured by these talented drone pilots will bring another dimension to your business.


We offer a range of drones that are suitable for different jobs and scenarios. Don't worry too much about booking a specific drone with us, we'll know which one to work with depending on the project. 


Some projects only require our Lightweight drone, which is perfect for flying in more confined spaces. We then have our Middleweight aircraft which is extremely versatile and suitable for most jobs. Finally, we have our Heavyweight aircraft which is capable of producing the highest quality photos and videos of all of our other drones. It is also our strongest drone and can fly in trickier conditions reaching speeds of up to 22 mph.

Drone Services Bedfordshire

Our compact drone is great for getting into small spaces and can be utilised indoors. 

Drone Filming Bedford

The middleweight drone is unobtrusive and perfect for events. It shoots 4K video and crisp photos.

Drone Filming Bedfordshire

A high-end drone for larger projects and capable of flying in harsher conditions than other drones and a capability of shooting in 5.2K.