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Why Use a Small Drone for a Large Job?

Small drones by any means, do not give you rubbish footage. Smaller drones such as the DJI Spark, allow Full HD filming from areas that are hard to get to with either larger drones or people with cameras. With its safety features and smooth camera gimbal, wobbly footage is eliminated.

Indoor drone filming will show off your products from lots of different angles that show a new perspective to clients that has not seen before. Surveying using small drones is also great for getting into small places, checking the condition of the product and seeing if it's functioning properly.

The Mini Drone Machine

I truly love the DJI Spark. It's such a powerful drone and such as small size. For getting some high indoor drone footage of a house which is being sold will capture new views previously not seen. The wide amount colour settings allows other larger drones to be matched with outside drone footage.

Footage for promotional videos or training videos can be shot from a drone showing what work is being carried out. Showing customers drone footage of the product in action or the product being made is more likely to be sold.

This mini drone machine is perfect for all jobs; construction, surveying, mapping, estate agents, weddings, promotional videos and loads more. The quality, stability and the capability of the small DJI Spark is just perfect to fit your needs and to capture the footage you want.

Commercial Indoor Drone Filming Operators

DJI Spark

The DJI Spark is great for indoor flying and with all its safety features, intelligent battery and intelligent flight modes, it ensures for a smooth, seamless and safe flight. This drone really pushes the creative boundaries to another level with its signature technology.

For indoor flying with this amazing drone, it has been fitted with frontal obstacle avoidance systems for stability and to ensure the drone does not collide with anything in front of it. With its 2 axis gimbal, the smoothest of shots can be created and a high quality camera can shoot in Full HD.

Here at Airscope, we work with all of our customers to provide a perfectly suited drone package. For more information about our services, please get in touch with our team today.

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