Centre Parcs (Bedfordshire)

This is a stunning aerial video clip taken by our drone operator at Centre Parcs in Bedfordshire.

Our experience with operating drones and cameras allows us to shoot the smoothest shots, perfect framing and amazing picture quality.

The cameras on our drones means we can capture crystal clear videography up to 5.2K. These amazing drone shots would not have even been able to capture by even helicopters.




The Barns Hotel

The aerial photograph to the left was taken at a hotel in Bedford, Bedfordfshire showing off their new boat for guests. 

The drone photography services we provide are not just affordable but they do truly capture breath-taking aerial photos from a unique perspective.

If you are looking for a professional, effective, efficient team to work with, we are the right people to shoot amazing aerial photography for your business.





Lonsdale (Max Lovell) Boxing Gym

One of our pilots had the honour to film with professional boxer Max Lovell, for hit promotional film for his boxing comeback.

The drone used for this film was capturing high quality aerial footage to be put into the film.


Our aerial photography and video brings another dimension which can promote and expand your business further and bring in more clients. 




Roofing survey and inspection in the UK

Airscope's zoom lenses on the drones allows us to zoom in and inspect different areas. The survey shown is a roof survey and inspecting the damage on the roof.


Damaged roofing, bridge inspections, land surveying, building inspection and house surveying is just some of the different types of projects we work on.

Our 3 screen set up, means that not only can the pilot and the camera operator see what is is being inspected, but the customer can also.



3D Mapping

Aerial 3D Mapping For Your Business

3D mapping is a much easier way to carry out a survey of an object now with the use of drones.


With the use of our drone technology, 3D mapping can provide all the data you need in a minimal amount of time.

Airscope ensures that all the object that data needs to be collected will be captured. This is so you get the full amount of information needed.



Estate Agents

Aerial Photos and Video to Show Your Client

Airscope's pilots will make sure that the aerial shots taken, will show the scale, land, gardens and surroundings from multiple angles.

We have our own in house editing service by colour specialists using the latest software. 

Our affordable prices means that multiple shots of the property will be taken. This will not just benefit you but will also benefit the client as they have a variety of views.



Search & Rescue

Aerial Search and Rescue worldwide

Our 2 man operation, 3 screen and zoom lens capability is perfect for search and rescue.

We have worked with multiple search and rescue teams to locate missing people and animals. We take pride in helping communities finding their loved ones in sometimes such remote places around the globe.




Luton Hoo

Weddings are a special moment for everyone and we love to capture emotion throughout the special day.

If it's to add some aerial photography to your wedding album or to add some aerial videography to your wedding film, we capture it in the most cinematic ways.

Nothing will be staged, our drones and pilots will be non intrusive as we want you to enjoy your wedding day.



Promotional Videos

Konfloor (Bristol)

Drone filming and photography will put you a step ahead of any other competitor. Everyone wants to see the dramatic and cinematic shots of your product in action.

Airscope has worked with multiple commercial video and photography companies to create a promotional video for the smallest of businesses to the largest of businesses.